You have been told to mount a large torsional vibration damper?
- or -
You have been told that the shafting length should be increased
by approx. 10 m (ten meters)?
- or -
You are simply unsatisfied with the vibration behavior
of the present shafting design?

CADEA can help you. We have prepared a special, unbeatable offer! We will work with you side by side to develop a solution that meets your needs. We will help you to save time, workforce and money. Best of all, our offer requires no expense or obligation of any kind!

What does our offer entail?

Simply speaking, we offer to help you to improve the vibration characteristics of the present shafting design. In most cases, we improve the dynamic behavior of the propulsion shafting, so that:

  • You will be able to avoid the necessity of the torsional vibration damper.
  • You will be able to reduce the necessary shafting length.
  • You will be fully satisfied with the vibration behavior of the improved shafting design.

Finally, our examination of your current shafting design, as well as our efforts to improve it, are completely  free of charge, without obligation of any kind!

You will be charged if, and only if:
We recommend an improved shafting design that satisfies your requirements!
- AND -
You accept our recommended modifications!
- AND -
The Classification Society approves our design and or calculation!

To clarify the details of an offer, let us describe the scenario of hypothetical proposal:

Proposal scenario
1 You, as a prospective client, contact CADEA and describe the shafting design problem. It would be worthwhile to supply as much data as possible to better describe the problem. In addition, you should state your expectations clearly.
2 CADEA will review your problem and supplied data. If applicable, we will request additional data, drawings, etc.
3 Once we have gathered adequate information to define the problem model, we perform a preliminary torsional vibration analysis to obtain more insight into the vibration characteristics of the problematic shafting design. After that, we make the necessary propulsion shafting modifications as necessary and preliminary torsional vibration analyses, in order to determine the shafting layout that will satisfy your needs.
4 Once we have found a preliminary satisfactory shafting design, we give you an outline of intended modifications, as well as an estimate of the time and cost required to complete the project. This estimate may take the form of a quote that contains a consulting engagement letter. When both parties agree to the details of the engagement letter, all we need to proceed is a returned, signed letter.
5 You can accept our proposal, as well as the engagement letter, or reject it. If you don't accept it, you have no further obligation of any kind. Moreover, you are not obliged to report the cause of your withdrawal!
6 If you accept our proposal, as well as the engagement letter, we will perform a thorough torsional vibration analysis of the proposed design and produce the final torsional vibration calculation, ready for submission to the Classification Society for review.
7 If the Classification Society rejects our design and/or calculations, you have no obligation of any kind!
8 If the Classification Society approves our design and/or calculation or, within the timeframe of 99 days, does not reject it, we will charge the required fee detailed in the engagement letter.
Interested?    Contact us!

And last but not least, we strive to be your partner in solving shafting torsional vibration problems.
Let us show you the rewards of such a partnership!


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