Other activities

CADEA has been involved in various support activities to the shipbuilding and maritime community. Some of them are briefly described here.

Cargo heating design and analysis

CADEA has developed a software program, TankHD, specifically designed for cargo heating coil design and analysis. The program is based on the research of the leading authorities in the field and takes into account the influence of thermal properties variation of the high viscosity fluids (e.g., heavy crudes, molasses). As a consequence, it provides at least 10% heating coil savings in comparison to the ordinary heat transfer calculation approach.

The main benefits of the TankHD program usage are:

  • heating coil savings,
  • increased speed of calculation,
  • applicable to steam, thermal oil or hot water heating, and
  • prediction of the necessary heating duration for various environmental conditions.
TankHD standard computer output includes:
  • heating coil lengths per tank,
  • required boiler capacity,
  • heating energy required for a heating-up cycle,
  • cargo temperature variation as a function of heating duration, and
  • the necessary heating duration for various environmental conditions.
To date, CADEA applied TankHD successfully to cargo heating designs of various tanker types, ranging from 1.600 dwt product/chemical to more than 160.000 dwt Suezmax tankers.

Built girder optimum design

CADEA has developed a software program, GirdOPT, to determine the minimum built girder weight. For a given section modulus, usually based on the Classification Society Rules, GirdOPT finds profile dimensions that minimize its cross section area and weight. Furthermore, the user can impose certain dimensional constraints that GirdOPT considers during the optimization process.

The main benefits of the GirdOPT program usage are:

  • reduced girder weight,
  • material savings,
  • increased design speed,
  • dimensioning of T and AT (asymmetric T) profiles,
  • automatic calculation of various cross section properties, and
  • calculation of plating effective breadth, if necessary.
The verification study, performed on 32 built girders of a 140.000 dwt tanker, has shown that GirdOPT  provides on average 6% weight reduction in comparison to the classical trial and error design approach.

Pipe, profile, and similar product optimum nesting

CADEA has developed a software program, AutoNEST, to reduce waste and increase productivity during the cutting process of pipes, tubes, bars and similar bar-like products. Based on a list of available materials, the program finds the optimum cutting sequence that results in significant waste reduction.

The main benefits of the AutoNEST program usage are:

  • material savings (waste reduction could be greater than 80 percent),
  • permanent insight into the material availability,
  • developed cutting technology that reduces setup times, and
  • immediate availability of data necessary for production cost estimation.
AutoNEST standard computer output includes:
  • list of products to be cut;
  • bill of material (based on available material on the stock);
  • cutting technology that ensures minimum material waste (cutting technology is presented in two ways - as a Nesting Plan and as a Cutting Plan. These two plans correspond to the ways of material cutting: from manual to CNC machining);
  • list of cutting rests that must be returned to the stock for future usage; and
  • parameters comprising validity of performed nesting calculation.
The verification studies, performed in a real-life environment, have shown that AutoNEST provides the waste in the range, on average, of two to three percent only.

Tank sounding software

CADEA developed a utility software program, SOUNDER,  for onboard sounding of cargo, fuel, oil, water and other miscellaneous tanks. The use of SOUNDER replaces the Sounding Tables, so tedious interpolations of tabular data become unnecessary and obsolete.

The main benefits of the SOUNDER program are:

  • accurate calculations,
  • increased speed of calculation,
  • reduced possibility of costly errors, and
  • a written report in the form suitable for archiving.


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