About us

Founded in 1994, CADEA first served the members of the Croatian Shipbuilding Corporation. Later, it expanded its activities to the international maritime community.


We have more than 25 years of experience in marine propulsion shafting vibration analysis and tank-heating design. Our past projects range from tugs and workboats to luxury yachts, reefers/containerships, bulk carriers, and Suezmax tankers.

Over the years, we have delivered many design solutions and vibration analyses. Our designs and analyses have been reviewed and approved by the leading classification societies.

Classification societies we have dealt with
ABSAmerican Bureau of Shipping
BVBureau Veritas
ClassNKNippon Kaiji Kyokai
CRSCroatian Register of Shipping
IRClassIndian Register of Shipping
LRLloyd's Register
RRRRussian River Register
TLTürk Loydu

Ships of the Year

We are proud we have assisted the Brodosplit shipyard in the design process of some of the finest vessels in the class.

m/v Sveti Dujam
Top 20 Vessels of 2011 (Ships and Shipping)
m/v Mari Ugland
Significant Ship of 2008 (RINA)

m/v Stena Progress
Top 12 Ships of 2009 (Ships and Shipping)
m/v Stena Poseidon
Significant Ship of 2007 (RINA)
m/v Stena Performance
Distinctive Ship of 2006 (Marine Log)
m/v Stena Paris
Significant Ship of 2005 (RINA)

m/v Podravina
Significant Ship of 1999 (RINA)

Selected references

Type of the vesselDWT
Specialized vessels
40m Anchor Handling Tug450
58m Landing Craft1,385
48m Landing Craft400
54m Landing Craft390
Ice-Class Heavy Cargo Carrier14,000
Ro-Ro Cargo Ship196 GT
57m Supply Vessel1,200
19m Tug38 GT
28m Tug220 GT
40m Fishing Vessel350 GT
20m Pilot Launch72 GT
Fishing Vessel97 GT
Passenger ships
110m Ocean Cruiser5,300 GT
Polar Expedition Cruiser1,450
Steel Luxury Yacht367 GT
Ice-Class Passenger Ship1,200
Five-mast Barque8,770 GT
36m Motor Yacht135 GT
33m Motor Yacht110 GT
37m Passenger Catamaran291 GT
54m Motor Yacht715 GT
37m Luxury Yacht160 GT
40m Tri Deck Luxury Yacht185 GT
39m Performance Yacht178 GT
34m Performance Yacht125 GT
30m Luxury Yacht104 GT
34m Luxury Yacht125 GT
37m Tri Deck Luxury Yacht152 GT
Coastal Cruiser320 GT
Coastal Cruiser135 GT
Dry cargo vessels
General Cargo4,571
Bulk Carrier51,900
Bulk Carrier52,000
Bulk Carrier50,583
Bulk Carrier38,149
Reefer/Container Vessel600,000 ft3
Bulk Carrier42,584
Bulk Carrier41,600
Bulk Carrier38,100
Bulk Carrier42,600
Crude Oil Carrier160,400
Oil/Chemical Tanker49,500
Tanker for Oil65,056
Aframax Tanker114,000
ICE 1A Panamax Oil Tanker74,999
Suezmax Tanker166,300
Oil Tanker65,200
Crude Oil Carrier317,000
Product Carrier69,000
Aframax Tanker103,000
Aframax Tanker108,000
Oil/Chemical Tanker45,000
Oil/Chemical Tanker44,787
Oil/Chemical Tanker44,990
Oil/Chemical Tanker44,577
Oil Tanker101,000
Power Generator Sets(various)
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers(various)

Selected papers