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CADEA is a small consulting company that specializes in solving marine propulsion shafting vibration or design problems.

CADEA was founded in 1994 in the city of Split, Croatia, on the sunny east coast of the Adriatic Sea.

For many years, CADEA served Brodosplit Shipyard and the members of the  Croatian Shipbuilding Corporation. It is presently expanding its activities to the international shipbuilding community.

Although marketed as marine propulsion shafting vibration and design specialists, CADEA is actually involved in a much broader range of activities.   Other activities

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We have more than 20 years of experience in marine propulsion shafting vibration analysis and design. We will not only listen to your requirements, but will also collaborate with you to find solutions that best suit your specific needs.

Over years, CADEA has delivered many design solutions and/or vibration analyses. Our design solutions and/or calculations have been reviewed and approved by the leading classification societies.

Reviewers of our previous designs / analyses
ABS        American Bureau of Shipping
BV        Bureau Veritas
CRS        Croatian Register of Shipping
DNV.GL        DNV GL
LR        Lloyd's Register
ClassNK        ClassNK
RINA        Registro Italiano Navale
RRR        Russian River Register
TL        Türk Loydu

Moreover, three of our torsional vibration analyses have been reviewed by the staff of the world's leading engine designer and licensor. In all three cases, the reviewers agreed with our calculation results.

Here is an excerpt from the fax message sent by them to one of our clients:

"We have, as required, performed our own T/V calculations using the mass-elastic system as informed in the last mentioned fax.

Excellent agreement was found between the Split and our calculations, both with regard to the torsional natural frequencies and to the torsional stress and torque levels."

Finally, CADEA has been awarded a contract by the Croatian Register of Shipping to supply a proprietary computer program, TorViC. Since 2000, the staff of the Croatian Register of Shipping have used TorViC on a daily basis for classification purposes.

If the leading classification societies and a major engine designer are fully satisfied with our design solutions and/or calculations, you will be to!


m/v Mari Ugland - Enlarge and get more info

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects:
m/v Mari Ugland - Significant Ship of 2008

m/v Stena Performance - Enlarge and get more info

Marine Log:
m/v Stena Performance - Distinctive Ship 2006

m/v Podravina - Enlarge and get more info

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects:
m/v Podravina - Significant Ship of 1999

CADEA is proud to announce that we have been "adopted"  by a winning design team at the Brodosplit Shipyard during the design process of Brodosplit Hull 450, later christened as m/v Mari Ugland, Brodosplit Hull 444 (m/v Stena Performance), and Brodosplit Hull 401 (m/v Podravina).

During these projects, we developed a series of different shafting layouts that required an extensive number of propulsion shafting vibration analyses. Collaborating intensely with the Brodosplit designers, we developed final designs that completely satisfied the client's requirements.

We salute the success of the Brodosplit Shipyard and anticipate many more achievements in the future.

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